Monday, April 5, 2010

feeling so bad :((

aku tataw knp gni.
i feel so bad.
i not wish dis :((
i dont x pax dis happen .
cz i noe i cant stand it.
i not feel well ;(
i cant stand when i saw the paragraph on his paper ;(
its look so unacceptable by me.o)
jiwe aku kosong
haty aku bungkam
mulut kehilangan kata2.:((

aku deserve ke pende ny?
tataw pe lg nk kte
its was bad2 feeling
rase aer hangat akn jth kt pp aku gak mlm ny.:((((

worse!!!bad!!damn fuckin feelin!!
am i deserve to face dis ?

p/s:if u,readin dis.
i jst wanna say dis.
i am happy look at u.
i am happy standin far from u.
i am still lookin.
i will nver do look near 4 u.

from me:i will never ever give u hurt.

1 comment:

chui ™ said...

seriosly i not goin to say much more
aku tataw byk
yg aku taw
aku dah tak x pax pape dr dye.ckupla lw
ye bace:)