Wednesday, April 28, 2010

if i were ...

if i were....

older .i would live in really great modern house all my own n i'd hv myown huge bedroom wth all myown things,special bunk beds jst me so dat i'd allways get the top 1 n mickey mouse alarm clock like justince n myown giant set of poster paints n i'd hv sum felt-tip pens as well n no 1 would ever get 2 borrow them n mess them up n i'd hve my own tv n choose exactly wut programs i want.n i'd stay up till past 3 every morning n eat mcdonald every single day n i'd hve big fast car so i would whiz off and visit my frens wen ever i wanted.

a police ,i would arrest the monster n i'd lock him up in prison 4ever.

a kitten.i would grow very long claws n sharp teeth n scracth n bite evey1 so they'd really scared of me n do everthing i say .haha:))

yelled at .i would yell back.

invisible,i would spy on people.

very tall,i would stamp on people with my great big feet.
very rich,i would buy myown house n then ....
i've already done that.i'm getting fed up writing all this .

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