Saturday, May 1, 2010

after all i done 2 u.dis wut dat i hve as a thanks?i'm so lucky rite.i accept dis as lot pleasure.
swear 2 u dat i nver 4get dis n set it in my on note also in my diary.hahahahahahah.
wut goes surround.really deep i care n company u.wen ever whreevr.however.
but u leave me dis much hurt?seen u done with those.stupid ++ give 2 u.
i am really damn silly still lookin 4 u n never try 2 leave u alone.
enough wen saw u happy.lot damn cute.
n as lon as i can still stand by it i will.but 4 now i really dont ever thinkin too.sure i set in mind mind even my heart not to affort dis hurt much more.
through dis hard work,u never saw even single much.u only saw him.and keep doin ignored me rite?
so i do??haha.when?never.i act.hate 2 say dis much on page.but wen it look so over .
i though i need 2 realise my self.try not 2 keepin dis hurt anymore.
cause this pain only hurt me lot.and do hurt me wen its continuous (non-stop)
if u really wishes 2 hurt me by dis way.ya .go on.i take it .
might be u never appriacte wut i am doin now.
do sumbody dat i love cause of u .never done anymore.

hate u.i do.

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