Saturday, May 8, 2010

i g n o r e d ?

just ignored me.5 hour .till now.sick .i not done yet.feelin worse.but keepin like it is nothing & i'm freakin.
why u just act like nothing at all.are you sure with this.actually,i can take that this is so extra.
i extremely sick & sad .break off! are you done with me.? am i so meant.i not so angry rite now.i accept if this is fate for our relation.i try take it easy .i try make it look like normally.owh! so sweetay & hot.
what i looking else for this relation.that long2 time ago look for destroy .
at the benginning so sweet & extra kind off best thing ever happen to us.but now it is since to been so bad & so so so meant .wutsoever.we have to accept.yuh! i'm need some space to breath & make this like cool.
by thinking which is not all relation ship that declare soon will ever lasting.huuh!
i can effort this.i known it is seen to be so hard .cause i goin to live a life alone.pretend like nothing happen .
around without him?am i able too.worried so much.i to depending to him before .this & that only him doing for me.
until,i even known something by my own .i let him solve all the thing.then he never tell me what act,i should do .
bring me lot happiness at once.but in the middle of the year this relation look hard & difficult to through by us.
i not goin to say lot.but seen i started write better to put all.we love each other damn extra much .that true feeling that hard to us lie.i known that .he too.but this thing happen without realize .it is shit .& I HATE THAT.!

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