Monday, September 13, 2010

Crush crush crush

So , let me tellyou , I guess that I'm over him , errh , a little bit. Yes ahaa yeahh! Okay , cut the crap. He did sent me a text , hoi , what do you think I am haa ? Your puppet ? Oh shit , hell no. I'm not gonna miss you again , maybe I will , but still , as a friend. Okay , enough about you , my little piggy :) Back to the title , crush ? Yes crush. Few weeks ago , eh no , few months ago , I knew this guy. He's a little bit interesting. Oh not a little bit but hell yeah , he's a lot of fun! I love being his friend:) He's a nice guy but somehow I didn't know that I will fall for him -___- This is the part where I dislike. It's just , why do I'm so easy to fall out for a guy ? And this guys is really sweet :') He gave me something which I really really like it, tehee. To youu , yes you , I'm happy enough to know you. You means a lot to me. Thanks for everything that you've been said , I mean all those advises that you gave me. Thanks a lot , buddy.
Just let me stay as your friend because I know that I will never be more than that :')

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