Monday, September 27, 2010

me too

Im here.
In the midst of the crowded.
Cheering around.
The music is on.
Everybody dressed well.
Ladies and gentlemen are enjoying the night.
Me too.
But still, I cant get you out of my mind.
I post this out.
And I feel relieved.
In a thousands I met,
there'll be no one as the same as you.

The crowded look at me awkwardly.
I purposedly turned my face away.
As a sign of no-dancing-please.
The glass filled with a freshy juice.
I feel cold.

The phone is vibrating.
Where-the words could control the adrenalin of mine-takes part,
I placed the glass quietly and smile at the toddlers .
The adrenalin isnt stable yet.
I sit. And post this out.

P/s : I cant look at another any longer. Ahhh :)

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