Saturday, October 9, 2010


when i look at your face while you were sleeping, it gave me strength to face the world these days. i know that i'm not strong enough like you. independently.. the truth is : i am so jealous and keep asking this to myself " why i can't be like you "that really pissed me off, and even today.. i still wonder how can you face everything so smoothly. i admired that. so a month has pasted so fast darling. and until now we are still be together. that really impress me :) and there's a lots of thing happened, a lots of memories had been creates and a lot of things passing by ; up and down. there's nothing odd bout life. everything was on us right now. i try to smoothly all the disasters that coming right thru to us. i will try anything just to make sure that you're happy with me to the fullest. thanks for of all the chances onto everything darling. i love you.. thanks for everything :'

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