Saturday, April 2, 2011


good times come and go, and i just stick to thing and finish up what i just started. lifes not easy as it seems. typical things happen most of the time. i act abnormal when comes to babbling, nagging stuff out from my parent's mouth. i can't disobey nor i shout or yell or scream towards em, uh uh. not good. i was simply exhausted with these. God, can i just runaway from em? the answer is "NO!" okayy, fine.take it or leave it Puts.Well, what can i say, 2011 not that so good beginning for me i guess. Lifes turn upside down, weight gained. feel fat all the time, missed the old days, so much. serious shit. you cannot believe what i imagined for the past few years. lifes shit. nahh, no no nah uh. theyre not that shit, we are the shit. we making this hard. like seriously, when cant this all stop? well, where the ends come, everything for sure settle! haha ive done much with mocking, poking others. but actually, lately i put alot more attention to my life, i dont fucking give damn about others because you know what? mine are never simple as i wanted so badly. i want to live in planet where i can spend money on pants. lol ok shut up, I dont even know what to do right now. i spend time only with city ville, asha, (on internet only) zzzzzzzzzzzzz lifes suck! FML! need to paid more focus in stdy!!!!!!. HUHAH

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