Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Does anyone realized that not all our friends can be a good one for us? 
I do. I never felt like this before but telling the truth is I was so angry 
to myself. Not because of their behaviour but because of the silly me 
being such a nice person to them. However, they never did the same
 thing to me. No! Listen! I'm not saying that I'm hoping for a same 
thing but I wish they could did their job as a friend to me. #sigh

Starting from the day I went back to my hometown, 
I had promised to myself. 
Yes, I won't being nice to someone anymore. 
As they never did a nice thing to me. Come on!
 I don't give a damn on what they might says about me. 
I don't give a damn at all. Well, the truth is I'm already 
gives double middle finger to them. 

What you will do when you are in such a pain, like half dying, 
needed for help but your friends just acting like nothing happened 
around them? They are just like to talk about their love one from not 
being ask to me like,

"chui, are you okay? You want some medicine? You wanna go to clinic?"

Oh come on. You are such a selfish person guys. I admit it.

Well, like I told before, I never trust to someone. 
'Cause I can't expect what they might says about 
us when they are not around me. They might act
 cool in front of me, but they can be a demon outside. 
Am I right? Yes, nobody's cannot be trusted. And, so do me.

Simple to say, I don't trust you and you don't need to trust me. Well said.

"Aku separuh nyawa nak mati, berperang habis-habisan dengan sakit aku, 
korang boleh duk hu hah hu haaaa depan aku. Kiri kanan aku. 
Duk sibuk bercerita tentang tu tentang ni. Masa aku nak gerak balik, 
baru terasa nak tanya, aku ni okay ke tak. Go die lah. Yes, aku marah. 
Aku marah sangat-sangat. Macam ni ke berkawan? 
Fikirlah sendiri ye, Kawan."

Thank you.

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