Wednesday, May 11, 2011


At times.. I wish.. I have the kind of heart, that wont care too much about other's feeling, what more abt one's feeling whom doesnt even care abt how I feel or the one whom I dont even knw who he/she is. I mean like, literally dont really know. Yea ths time, its specific. Well what to do, I cant help it ;)
Remember guys, whenever we started to talk, get ready to be criticized. Because when you talk something publicly, people will seeeee it. Eventually will see it. It really doesnt make a sense if you get surprised by ths fact. Its okay. Im just fine with that, seriously ;) Im just..well surprised? Dont you ever think of the next party's feeling? Never? Like never? Oh well okay then. Awakkkkkk, orang boleh baca lah semua tuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, kalau dia ubah fikiran hanya kerana statement awak tu, macam manaaaaa? Awak memang lah untung.. tapi berapa banyak lagi hati yang terluka? HAAA

Oh okay dude. Im sorry if my words hurt you. But people are taaaalkking. More people will get confused and more people will be blamed, later I assumed.
Whoaaaa Im overboard! Im sorryyyyy and thank youuu :)

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