Saturday, June 25, 2011

i dont know

Have you ever had that feeling where you always wanted something so bad, and now that you finally have it in your reach, in your hands, you just don’t seem to want it so bad anymore?
The feeling when you know something is so healthy and perfect for you, but yet you want what you know is bad for you.
The feeling when you can’t make up your mind, and you become so utterly frustrated. You find yourself contemplating, debating, and fighting yourself when the RIGHT answer is right in front of your face, but we choose to blind ourselves with the lies that we tell ourselves.
Why do we push away what’s good for us instead of accepting it with open arms? Why do we want what we can’t have, crave the things that are far from our reach, and reject the things that are exceedingly good for us?
Why do we hurt the people who are there for us the most, and let and watch ourselves be abused by the people who aren’t worth our time of day?
I don’t understand why we as human beings do these things sometimes…I just don’t.

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