Thursday, July 14, 2011

waiting 12 am to 15 july :)

Such a crappy subject, but what is love. How do you know when 

you’re in love? Is it the butterflies in your tummy? Or the fact that

 you forget your name every time you talk to them.

And how do you get over someone you love? If you get over them;

 then was it really love? Isn’t love supposed to be forever?

And if they don’t love you back; is it still love. Isn’t one person

 meant for each other? So if they don’t love you back then it wasn’t 

really love.

Love: Four Letter word

A played out word

A word that I'd experienced before but still, I can't find the pure one.

Have you?

What’s it like? Is it nice? It it everything you thought it would be?

 Is it what you see in the Princess Movies?

What is love…That my dear friend, it the question of the decade.

 I’ll let you know when I find the answer. Until now, I'm keep on waiting.

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