Tuesday, November 22, 2011

today word

I'm sorry for giving too much fake hopes. Its never what I've planned. I didn't know that I could be a sweet talker, it just happened. I really feel sorry and seek for apologize if I ever hurts y'all feeling with my promises. Reasons what I act that kind of way is because people just come and go in my life. They comes whenever they want, they go whenever they want. I don't realize also if I made the same mistakes. I'm a human, fragile and na├»ve. Not perfect. 

A friend, a good friend and a mother who used to tell me this 'biar orang buat kita, jangan kita buat kat orang lain' it means that, let em do bad thing towards us, but don't let us do bad things to others. Karma will get us in anytime, anywhere. Thing what goes around and comes around really do exist. All we did, we pay the price. Nothings free in this world. Stay true xx

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