Monday, April 19, 2010

Now i realize, we are not meant together. Nevermind, im okay with it seriously. Live must go on right? I will learn how to live my life without you. Thanks for all the sweetayy moments that we have been share together before. I will never ever will forget it, swear. I love you so much but im done. Sorry & goodbye :')

taken from farahyang blog
to frh:
u not alone .i do so feeling dis way.and realy do won't feeling dis too.but wen tryin to
it is so hard plus damn2 worse by day time month (wutsoever)
if u almost done frh .it is really lucky.
but me?i still can't uphold this bad feelin until when2 .


Farahyang said...

thanks babe :')

chui ™ said...

its really fuckin wen we can;t done 2get them!
shit rite .plizz do help us god!!