Saturday, September 25, 2010

Allah knows what's the best for us.
We keep questioning, 'why is this crap supposes to be happened to me?!' or 'life isn't fair at all', well yeaa I mean like yelling without direction, pointing everybody or maybe the destiny fr turning out that way. Well yea, when we're currently in the midst of conflict, we tend to lost our self-control. It isnt weird AT ALL, or you'd like to call it abnormal? No, its just isnt, dude.
Its too clear fr me now to see that, things happen fr a reason. Don't blame the destiny or anyone. Well there's a quote says tht, there's a reason why they become your past, and etc. Well, lately I suka merepek kan. Hahaha idk why. But at least merepek ada isi ennn? Ceh

By the way, hello my lovely stalker(s) on formspring, you guys rock my life. Hahaha stop being so envious, kawan, there's no point of doing that. I dont know either you really dont have things to do or you're just happy doing that? Or neither one? Hahaha ohkay I better shut up. It isnt good fr insulting you continuosly or there'll be no diff between us. So, hopefully you'll get a life, dude. :)

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