Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drama ♥

Yes people.Let's talk about drama.This life,Yes! I mean,this reality life is full with drama.People try very hard to make other people feel satisfied with themselves.But not all of the people can accept the situation.Yes,Yes & Yes.I do agree that I have been through that situation,also the drama.It's kind of suck.Because we pretending to be good in front of others.Haha.Nevermind,I don't mind if you hate me.Cause I still can proceed my life further if you hate me ♥ So tak payah buang mase lah kan? :) Be a friend if you want to,it's your choice.

I feel grateful enough that Allah gve me ;
my perfect family,lovely future husband & good friends ;)

That's all for today.Thanks for hating me,
I'm such a jerk.LOL.

Lots of love,
chui saary ♥

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