Friday, April 1, 2011

be, strong !

strong, be strong
i know if ya pakei april fool i will delete this post but i just want to let you know that you are the strongest girl i ever knew.just move on if what i heard just know was true. you are such a pretty girl i ever seen. you deserves better.
Sometimes, no matter how much you want something, you have to just give it up. It just ain’t worth the heartache. One day, he’ll regret that he lost you. he will i tell you! you have me,i mean us. that’s what friends for. mens are nothing. i’ll try to cheer you up every times since your anniversary this monday but it just an illusion.
i’m crying oh my god :’( love you yna, i will and always
i will never get tired of listening to your problems and your pointless drama over and over again.i also have a problem. but you know i am right? i’m good at hiding my feelings.i acted like it wasn’t a big deal,when really it was breaking my heart. let bygones be bygones.
btw speak bout april. i wanna say happy belated birthday to my crackest friends ever. she’s the best i swear. hope you’ll get what you want and may god bless you di dunia dan di akhirat

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