Friday, April 1, 2011


Just went back from jogging and skipped 2 classes for today. Since yesterday night, I think too much. Everybody got their own problems. So do I. It is just that I am not sure weather I can actually fix everything in time while I still leave on this earth . Maybe . hmm. I want Paradise . I am afraid of hell . But with sins everyday and everywhere? hmmm. 

I truly respect those people who stay strong even when they actually have every right to break down.I wanna be one of them . Please . Problems come and stay and seldom go. But I know for those happy peoples out there , each one of them who looks happy and strong are actually facing problems which no one really sees. Like me . Maybe . Yes. No. 

I am leaving in this city which is full of reach people and they have everything. Almost everything. Money, cars, houses, lovers, etc. But whatever it is, I feel so grateful to have people who truly cares about me everyday. mother, friends, him ♥ .I love you guys the most.

This year I will be turning 20 and maybe it is time to change. No more time to pretend. Fake. Noob. Kids. Stop it. The way I think, the way I mix around with people , the way I talk , the way I spend, the way I eat, or as a conclusion , it means everything. Everything deserves a changes. The only people who can change your own life is yourself.

*HIGHLIGHTED . I used to skip my 5 prayers and that is such a huge sins. I know. I admit . I know it is what we call a must (kewajipan) but u know, we all have this weak faith . I feel ashamed and disgusted with myself.

God, forgive me . Sins . Hmmm


selipa jepun said...

miss u!

chui ™ said...

hehe ! :) miss u too !