Sunday, May 15, 2011

*amboi pandai berkate-kate ye?

ssalamualaikum,Hello readers,first of all,praise to Allah because
we can still breathe this morning.yeay!
Alhamdulilah thank you Allah ♥

Thanks Eddy Fazly for the picture :p

I got few words to share with you guys because ni request dari someone yang kate she can't stay single OMG lol.hope korang tak kisah lah kan :p Why bother if you're single? You don't have to.Friends ade kan? Yes maybe you feel alone and you want someone to care about you.If the guy that you care really care about you,he will make time for you.It's not hard to pick up a phone and send a text message.kan? If he misses you, he will call you.If he want you, he will say it. And if he care about you, he will show it ♥ InsyaAllah,kalau ade jodoh,tak kemane *amboi pandai berkate-kate ye?

It's amzing how you meet millions of people in your life, but only one changes everything and turns your world upside down.And now nak get over him pulak.Memang susah kan? I know how it's feels.No worries bby.haha.Readers, in this life, you only got 3 choices that is GIVE UP, GIVE IN, or GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT.You can make this life become meaningful when you know to decide what's the best for you and future.I didn't say that our Ex is bad,NO NO NO.They are the best because they make you love yourself more than him.I love &  love is truly for you ♥ I tak suruh sesape move on,because I also can't do the same thing,haaaa.So don't push yourself to hard,just follow the flow :) Hope this entry will help you.kalau tak byk,sikit pun boleh :p

#For me,I don't want a perfect boyfriend.I just want someone to act silly with,someone who treats me well & loves being with me more than anything.That's all :p

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