Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gimme the best reason ♥

A smile,be a good listener and a hug

Why ppl smile?
Why ppl being sad?
Why ppl have friends?
Gimme the best reason ♥

You just can't describe how awesome and amazing to have friends 
in life.True friends will always be there and reassure us
 that "Everything going to be okay and I'll be here for you.
" kan? You guys know the differences between friends,
girlfriends and boyfriends is it? If YES,I don't have 
to tell you more.Hahaha think it by yourself laaaaa :p

I just love to hear others problem.
Eventhough sometimes I don't know what is the solution,
I will try my best to help *Diri sendiri pun byk 
problem but nvm,we learn from mistakes bby! haha.
When I'm feeling sad,people always try their best
 to make me smile and cheerful just like before.
They put an effort tu help me out.WOW i love you guys! :) 
Yess YOU,the one who reading this ♥ Now it's my turn :) 
A hug would be better.kan kan?

Note : Maybe I look happy on the outside,
just once put your feet into my shoes,then you know how its feel.
okaythanksandbye! Readers,see you guys soon! xx love love!

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