Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CAN if u go .

^^sius can let him. but its really not fair.not deal for him if i do so. shit ~ i cant give this sense dispear.why it done really ? please, i need to let him but i cant . uh ~ he broke his promise to me if he do so. sius. mesty ada gurl lain nanty kan ? bull ~ hate this ! i cant so tear when he just told me those word ~! i can if i have to let him go alone. uh~ if he go then must be another girl also go there and he must be ~uh not do not thinks that pliz chui . that was what u just imaging of . nothing will happend okey :) smile okey :) ahhhhhhhhhh~~ whoaaaaaaaaa!! i say this write to to keep my self realise but sure it is really not easy as that , blurr

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