Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my besday notty ~

urchin ayuni;)
Happy birthday friend. Oh my, not really just a friend. A bestfriend, an annoyer :P, a supporter and....aaaaa Im out of words, seriously. But just want you to know that I realllllly love you to bits. Well you knw, though we rarely meet, yeah, you with your hestol life, couldnt help it, but still.. we've been through our thick and thin. Like who can replace you man? NOOOOO ONE YO. Aaaaaaaaaah I miss cooking with you, spending the whole day with you. Talking abt anythg, I mean like seriously everythg with you, though youre such a perfect annoyer, GAHAHAHAHA Omomomo urchin, I was kidding. EH DUDE, YOU KNW I MEAN IT MAN :P  We'll celebrate it later k! I'll cook smthg fr you. I know you miss my cooking wehh hahahaha who doesntttt?! :P Well ths time maybe not our 'significant-kuih-batik' any longer. Gahahaha YA YA YA SAY WHTCHU WANNA SAY CHINEN, I LOVE YOU (Y) *ehm ehm, dnt worrryyyy, as I said, I wont keep anythg abt dooooubleyouu frm youuu* GAHAHAHAHA inside jk :P


cinta said...

tinggal h075 je yang ;)

nyawajiwaluka said...

OMG.what a lovely talk..hahaha.hey miss..we gotta be dumb and dumber day after day..(of course it causing by ur cooking)just kidding lol..werever we r babe..we still sharing laugh together in our heart..hahaha.we r getting older and our love getting u my best thee.(dont get me wrong here)..hahaha

chui ™ said...

haha ! of coz sweet talk o ways came n goes haha( grammar problem sni sana) . lve u tght2.go thru many things 2gther. our frenship came older by our age haha :~