Thursday, May 12, 2011

Q : Is it really possible to curse someone? If someone has upset you or crossed you is it just fantasy to be able to put a curse on them or has it been done. Can people really put curses on others and send out bad karma? Or is it only movie stuff? Do you have to touch or see the person to send them bad luck or weave a curse onto them or can you do it by thinking of them?

Do you believe in black magic and the pentagon for spelling out curses and spells? Or is it power of thought? If you think hard enough it'll send out the curse through thought?

A : you can put a curse on someone but beware,it backfires & you get it two times worse & its harder to put a curse on someone than just saying *I curse you*
right? hey.. i've had been there so many times you know so i'm already preparedfor what will happen after this. i don't even care. like JT sang : "what goes around comes around, goes around comes around; comes all the way back around.."

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