Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love giving those hugs that come from behind, you know what I am talking about? That moment when they don’t expect it, and you slowly come up behind them and you wrap your arms around their waist, and at first they get startled but then realize it was you and they smilel. Yea those, I love those, I believe those type of hugs can bring the same amount of love and passion just as much as holding hands can. Hugs mean a lot of things and can play an important role in a relationship. Hugs can be that one thing you need to make you smile, to reassure it’s all going to be okay. Ever been away from someone or missed someone?
What’s the first thing you do, you hug them. It means I’ve missed you, I love you, I want to hold you. Hugs mean acceptance. It means I accept you whether it be a as a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hugs can mean the difference between a heartbreak and a long lasting relationship. How can you connect and love if you never hug, if you never share a physically connection together. Passionate hugs and long tight hugs are the most meaningful. They are the hugs that make you feel special and warm inside. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones that are really long and you want to stay there forever.
The ones were you wrap your arms around them and you kinda rest your head on top of their shoulder, and you place your hands just above their waist and you pull them in close and it feels as if time is still, as you’re taking your time breathing them in. Never underestimate the power of a hug. Hugs are a sacred embrace you share with the person you love. When you hug nothing else should  matter but just you two. Just the moment you’re in, just then and there, just the two of you in pure bliss and stillness. They say hugs can take away all worries and replace it with tranquility, peace and love. I believe it can, do you? <3

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