Sunday, June 26, 2011

you & me

i wud like to name my babies start from D we just keep moving whether death or broken heart or someone leaves you or you leaves someone, no matter what condition and faith you gone thru you’ve just to be strong and continue your journey. thats what life’s about. forget about the past and continue what you’ve started. life goes easy if you’ve set your mind and not to bother the littlest things. i’m ignorant. i admit it. because i just feel like better off that way. or maybe not. i just don’t want to show how clever myself is and what for? to gain respect from others? raise money? maybe. thats part of life.

Something is going on between us, but you know, that’s just what a relationship is all about. Have some bad and good stuffs is coming around, yet however I talked you that way, you still care and loving me. I hope you read this, but which is.. You don’t know that I even got a tumblr after all hehe. But still,you are the greatest boyfriend ever. Our 1 year anniversary seem somehow fantastic, even we have nice moment whereas just going out. But that, the little things keep us together. I love you. That’s all I can say xx iloveyouazlan.

u r my sweet i nvr evr hve b4.sriouly do do do do lvumuch !

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