Sunday, July 31, 2011

jiwang kejap laa

You're the one I can be completely idiot with.
You're the one I can get completely mad at and at the same time you makes me smile again.
You're the one who knows almost everything about me and also my flawless.
You're the one who I can completely tell everything without any doubt in my heart.
You're the one that has been with me thru all the rough times and we're still standing strong.
You're the one I would run to if I was in trouble.
You're still the reason one in everything I do.

And that is you, azlan anual.
I swear, its still you.
Eventhough I always try to run from the fact that Im still in love with you,
its always end up with I still wanna try to win you back.
My heart just wont lemme throw you away from it,
bcoz I found my happiness only when Im with you.

Its been a year we're together.

Sorry that I feel through.
Sorry that Im falling in love with you.
Sorry for all that I have done to you.
Sorry that I needed you.
Sorry that I loved you.
Sorry that I held you tight.
Sorry that I hurt you.

Sorry for making you love me.
Sorry for making you saying goodbye.
Sorry for being the one that taught you how to cry.
Sorry for giving you everything that you dreamed.
Sorry for wasting your time.

And I know an apology now after all of this time wont make any difference now. But Im still hoping all of my effort to win you back will open your mind and heart. I love you, always :')

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